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Caring for a frail older person or a person with dementia can be very hard, and carers may need a break, advice and support to help them cope with their caring role. The outreach support program provides in home or community support to give the carer a break from the caring responsibility.

Through respite we aim to alleviate the distress of caring for someone with a disability or dementia.

Carer Respite Progam

Respite is designed to give a carer and consumer time out from the usual caring role.
The service is flexible and respite is provided in a way that best suits the needs identified by the carer.

The respite service offers carers and consumers the opportunity to meet some of their individual needs these include; assistance in planning and coordinating respite arrangements and information on services available in the local area.

The service is available to people caring for a person with a diagnosed mental illness aged 16 to 65.

The program provides a holistic program for carers and family members who care for someone with a mental illness.

Activities may include assessment of need, direct and indirect service provision i.e. information, counselling, referral to other services, assistance for future care planning, education and skills development, carer retreats and emergency respite.

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This program is supported by the Victorian Government.