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Supports all community members and their families by providing linkages and referrals to a range of mainstream and Indigenous services which may include welfare and social support, family violence, health (including drug and alcohol services), housing, child care, employment and legal.

Indigenous Community Links is located at 3 Devenport Street, Dareton and 59 Darling Street in Wentworth. It provides telephone and internet use to the community and the availability of local staff to come and have a chat and cuppa with.

By better linking all people to community services, the Indigenous Community Links Service will support social inclusion, community cohesion and will assist in closing the gap in access to services between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians.

Anne Mansell Centre 
3 Devenport Street, Dareton NSW 2717 
P: (03) 5027 7600 
F: (03) 5027 7697
E: dareton@malleefamilycare.com.au

59 Darling Street, Wentworth NSW 2648
T: (03) 5027 3578 
F: (03) 5027 2003