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Through the Youth Homelessness Action plan the Victorian Government has provided more help to young people who experience homelessness, with a focus on:

• Early intervention and connections
• Accommodation and support tailored for each individual young person
• Better access to services for young people with complex needs
• Services and workers who can assist the young people of today

Young people need connections that will help them to move on from the experience of homelessness.
The YOUTH HOMELESSNESS ACTION PLAN will make a real difference to young people’s lives.

They will work with young people to establish stable housing, re-establish important relationships, create links to their community, health services and employment, and education and training opportunities.

This program is delivered in partnership with Mallee Accommodation and Support Program.


Marie Schlemme Family Centre
229 Beveridge Street, Swan Hill VIC 3585
P: (03) 5032 4479
F: (03) 5032 4946
E: swanhill@malleefamilycare.com.au

This program is supported by the Victorian Government.