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Family Preservation exists as part of a suite of services for Child Protection to refer families to which prevents the further entry of families into Child Protection.  Features of the Family Preservation program:
´╗┐intense support to the family which translates as up to 20 hours of direct and indirect service per week for one family for a specified period of time,´╗┐
staff involved with the program are working with families where the family situation poses a high risk to the child.  Ongoing risk assessment is required, and likely to change on a daily basis,
there is a current Child Protection report open with the family and the allegation of abuse has been substantiated,
Family Preservation acts in an assertive manner where it is imperative that the bottom lines are met.  The family understands this through the Child Protection Worker who has facilitated the referral.  The recommendation of the Family Preservation Worker has the ability to influence Child Protection decision making regarding the removal (or otherwise) of the child/ren, and
intensive level of support to the family with a view to referral to less intensive family support services once Family Preservation is completed.

The Family Preservation Program provides a means whereby families can be strengthened so that despite protective concerns some children are not removed.  If a child has been removed the Family Preservation Program can be utilised to ensure that the child is reunited with family.

Referrals to Family Preservation can be made by Child Protection, Department of Human Services in Victoria and Family and Community Services in NSW.

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This program is supported by the Victorian Government.


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