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This program includes the Little Geckos playgroup, a home visiting service and a monthly events calendar. 

The Intensive Supported Playgroup is equipped with a can which can come to your community and offer a comprehensive range of age appropriate toys, equipment, programs and supports.  The playgroups currently meet in Wentworth, Dareton and Balranald.

The Dareton/Wentworth Intensive Parenting Support Program is a program which has been funded by the Commonwealth Government, the Department of Families, Community Services, Housing and Indigenous Affairs.  The program aims to support families early by providing targeted and coordinated support for all parents and children aged between 0 - 5.

The aims are to:
To improve child development, child safety and family functioning.
To enable families to establish community connections and allow easy information sharing.

Anne Mansell Centre
3 Devenport Street, Dareton NSW 2717
T: (03) 5027 7600
F: (03) 5027 7697
E: dareton@malleefamilycare.com.au

95 Court Street, Balranald NSW  NSW 2715
T: (03) 5020 2700 
F: (03) 5020 0318
E: dareton@malleefamilycare.com.au