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The Mildura Family Realtionship Centre provides up to one hour of dispute resolution (mediation) free of charge, but fees apply after that depending on your circumstances. The aim of family dispute resolution is to assist separated parents to reach agreement in relation to the ongoing care of their children.

The Mildura Family Relationship Centre also provides outreach services to Broken Hill, Swan Hill and Berri.

The Mildura Family Relationship Centre runs workshops to support families and separated parents on a regular basis, see below outlines of these workshops with costs included;

Understanding Separation Workshops ($10.00 flat fee) offered in Mildura covers:
  • Understanding the emotional process of separation
  • Rebuilding and moving on after separation
  • Communicating effectively with your co-parent
  • Learning about what makes separation easier for your kids

Building Connections Workshops ($10.00 flat fee) offered in Mildura, this is a compulsory workshop parents must attend before mediation. This workshop assists parents to:
  • Understand the effects of family separation on children
  • Understand the impact of parental conflict on children
  • Improve their communication with the other parent
  • Know what they need to be a more effective parent

Your Family Law Options Workshop delivered in Mildura and by phone to Swan Hill clients is compulsory for all parents and gives an opportunity for parents to:
  • Ask questions about how the family law system works
  • Learn about facts and myths in the family law system
  • Discuss topical family law issues

Children is Focus Workshops ($10.00 flat fee) offered in Broken Hill and Swan Hill is a compulsory workshop parents must attend before mediation. This workshop helps parents:
  • Understand the effects of separation on children
  • Learn about what makes separation easier on kids
  • Consider the separation experience through your child's eyes

Stepfamilies 'Making it Work' Workshop ($20.00 flat fee) offered in Mildura, Broken Hill and Swan Hill. The workshop is delivered over 6 weeks, 2 hours per week and covers the following sessions:
  • Session 1: 'Know your Stepfamily'
  • Session 2: 'The couple in the Stepfamily'
  • Session 3: 'The past and new beginnings'
  • Session 4: 'Parenting roles'
  • Session 5: 'Children in the Stepfamily'
  • Session 6: 'The Stepfamily Journey'


FRC (Mediation) 1st hour free - $30.00 per hour thereafter

Services will not be refused due to inability to pay, please talk to a staff member if you have concerns.

For information and an opportunity to speak to the intake worker please call 1300 667 382.
Elizabeth Maffei Centre
105 Lemon Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500
P: 1300 667 382
F: 03 5023 6510
E: adminfrs@malleefamilycare.com.au