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The SAY Patrol program is a community based service that operates a safe transport and outreach service for young people who are on the streets late at night.
The township of Wentworth, Dareton and Buronga are patrolled on a Friday and Saturday night between the hours of 8 – 12.00 midnight and will take children home or to a safe place.
The SAY Patrol program aims to reduce the risk of harm to young people and focuses on personal safety, engaging youth, provision of support services and referral to other services if necessary.
The SAY van is operated by Mallee Family Care with the support of community members ensuring that together we are working towards providing a safe community for young people.

Anne Mansell Centre 
3 Devenport Street, Dareton NSW 2717
P: 03 5027 7600
F: 03 5027 7697
E: dareton@malleefamilycare.com.au