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Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program is a service for separated parents in conflict.

Many separated parents know that conflict between them is making their children unhappy but feel that there is nothing they can do.

Provides assistance to separated parents to learn the effects of conflict on children, the need to be supportive of their relationship with the other parent and how to look at the needs of the children.

Provides individual support to parents in the form of counselling or mentoring through developing a care management plan, as well as compulsory participation in the Building Connections workshop where parents meet others who are experiencing similar issues.

The Building Connections Workshop is a compulsory three hour workshop for all parents of this program and those awaiting mediation services from other program of Mallee Family Care. The workshop aims to assist parents to;
  • Understand the effects of family separation on children.
  • Understand the impact of parental conflict on children.
  • Improve their communication with the other parent.
  • Know what they need to be a more effective parent.

FEES FOR THIS PROGRAM - workshop only

Building Connections Workshop $10.00

Services will not be refused due to inability to pay, please talk to a staff member if you have concerns.

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