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Every child deserves a good childhood. 
Foster Care is a way of providing a family life for a vulnerable child in your own home.
On any one day approximately 70 children are in placement with Mallee Family Care across the Mallee and in south west New South Wales. In Victoria and NSW the number of children who cannot live safely at home is rising. Mallee Family Care is searching for caring and patient people who can provide a safe and secure home environment for the increasing number of families needing support. You can make a difference. 
Children in care are of different ages, cultural and religious backgrounds consequently we need Foster Carers come from all walks of life. Foster Carers play a vital role in giving children a safe and caring home, helping to change their lives.
Foster Carers may provide care for one or two nights, a few months, or even years depending on the situation. 
Where possible children are reunited with their families as soon as possible. Contact with family while children are in foster care helps children to retain their connection and a sense of personal identity.
Foster Carers are part of a team of people (care team) who work to provide a safe and supportive environment for vulnerable children and young people who aren’t safe to stay at home with their own family.


Foster Carers talk about the wonderful moments that make it all worthwhile.


Simply complete the following form to register your interest to becoming a Foster Carer:

This program is supported by the Victorian Government.