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Chances for Children's mission is to ensure:

“The absence of money or support will not stand in the way of a young person achieving their potential. Dare to Dream”.

Commonly known as Chances, it aims to remove financial barriers for children and young people in the Mallee to pursue their dreams.

Chances is different from other funds and programs in that it is locally based, established by the local community, and supported both financially and in kind by local individuals and businesses.
Being local means Chances can tailor funding and support for each recipient – ensuring individual needs and circumstances are accounted for.

Over the years, Chances has assisted hundreds of local young people from the Mallee to achieve their full potential – be it tertiary education, sporting, musical, or IT assistance for those with learning difficulties.
Providing a chance for a young person to independently and actively engage with their community is a key commitment of Chances.

Chances has two funding rounds each year – the first one is held in March/April and the second round in September/October.

Young people/children who attend preschool, primary school, secondary school or any level of post secondary school education are eligible to apply for funding to assist in meeting their potential.

Tony Vinson Centre
94 Lemon Avenue, Mildura, VIC 3500
P: 03 5021 7480
F: 03 5021 4455
E: chances4children@malleefamilycare.com.au
W: www.chancesforchildren.com.au