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Communities for Children aims to deliver positive and sustainable outcomes for at risk children and families in disadvantaged areas throughout Australia.

Mallee Family Care's Education, Training and Research Unit (ETR) manages Communities for Children in Swan Hill and Robinvale. Communities for Children is funded by the federal Department of Social Services.

Mallee Family Care's role is to develop and facilitate a whole of community approach, building on community strengths and the existing infrastructure of organisations, networks and resources. It is about building on what is already succeeding in a community as well as developing and delivering new programs in partnership with local organisations.

Most programs are evidence based, which means they have been proven to have positive outcomes. There is also a focus on evaluating these programs and gathering data to show their impact.

A particular strength of Communities for Children is the Government's encouragement of innovation to meet the unique needs of individual communities to overcome barriers facing disadvantaged children and their families.

Current community partners are:

Swan Hill

Service Provider: Program Name:
Local Logic Place Super Sixes and Smick Sevens - Transitioning with success
from Primary to Secondary School

Eloquent Speech Pathology &
Swan Hill Rural City Council

Early Years Learning and Transition Support
Bringing up great kids
Stay and Play - school based playgroup
Breakfast Club - school based


Service Provider: Program Name:
Robinvale Euston Community Alliance Support and guidance of the Early Years Network in Robinvale

Robinvale District Health Services

Mobile Visiting Play Program
Mildura District Aboriginal Services &
Mallee Family Care
Parenting Under Pressure program

For more information, contact the relevant office:

Marie Schlemme Family Centre
229 Beveridge Street, Swan Hill VIC 3585
T: 03 5032 4479
F: 03 5032 4946
E: swanhill@malleefamilycare.com.au

33 Herbert Street, Robinvale VIC 3549
T: 03 5026 1401
F: 03 5026 1042

This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.
Visit www.dss.gov.au for more information.