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Locational Supported Playgroups (LSPs) are initiated and facilitated by a paid coordinator and early childhood worker. They recognise the need to provide families and in particular Indigenous families, especially  those living in regional areas, with additional assistance and support.

LSPs provide a safe and supportive environment for families to gather in their communities. Children benefit from play-based early childhood development opportunities while their parents and caregivers have access to parenting support.

LSPs provide opportunities for children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development while also providing opportunities for parents and caregivers to develop social and support networks.

Playgroups offer a range of activities and opportunities that focus on interactive play.
Individual playgroups can develop their own activities to suit the needs of their members including those people with babies.

The families and children who are assisted by LSPs can have multiple needs and face a range of social, economic and other challenges.

They are often harder to reach and require support for a longer time.

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