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The Financial Counselling Program is a free and confidential service.
The Financial Counselling Program does not offer monetary assistance.

A Financial Counsellor can:

Give information about laws relating to bills and debts
Help to work out payments with creditors
Tell you about government assistance, which may be available
Explain what you can do if you cant pay bills, fines or debts
Help with consumer debt issues
Help to organise your budget
Give information about bankruptcy
A financial counsellor can advocate on your behalf with creditors to negotiate payments of outstanding bills that you might not be able to pay;
A financial counsellor can assess your income and expenditure to develop an appropriate budget plan.

A financial counsellor will only give you advice about alternatives, you make all the decisions.

Mallee Family Care Main Office
Haselgrove House
122 Ninth Street, Mildura VIC 3500
T: (03) 5023 5966
F: (03) 5022 1065
E: fincounselling@malleefamilycare.com.au

This program is supported by the Victorian Government.