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Services and information for individuals, carers and families looking for help for themselves or someone they care for.

For individuals we can help you:

Sort out the basic essentials in life such as safe and secure housing
Identify the things you want out of life and support you to put plans in place so that you can achieve them
Work out what happened if you became ill and had to be admitted to hospital and help you reduce the chance of it happening again
 • Sort out the problems that are putting your health at risk, even if you haven’t ever had to go in to a hospital or been diagnosed with a mental illness
Improve your own capacity to cope with the stresses and challenges that life brings
If you are lonely and bored and support you to find good company in settings where you will feel you belong and fun things to do that are reflections of your interests
Plan a return to work when you are ready
  Mental Health Family & Carer Resource Brochure


For Carers and Families we can help you:

Navigate the complicated maze of information, support options and your rights, responsibilities and entitlements
Have a break from your caring responsibilities and give you time to look after yourself so you can stay strong and carry on. 
Connect you with other people facing similar challenges
´╗┐  Mental Health Family & Carer Resource Brochure´╗┐

We’ve even got a Carer Resource Centre in Mildura where you can go for information & support.

If you need immediate assistance :
• In the Mildura area, Mildura Base Hospital on (03) 5022 3333
• In the Swan Hill area, Swan Hill District Health (03) 5033 9231
• Lifeline 13 11 14
• Ambulance 000