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Partners in Recovery is a program funded by the Department of Health.

It is aimed at better supporting people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, and their carers and families.

Partners in Recovery is made up of trained support facilitators who work with clients, their carers and families to establish mental health recovery goals and ways to achieve these.

Partners in Recovery also aims to get multiple sectors, services and supports a client may come in contact with (and could benefit from) to work in a more collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.

Through system collaboration, Partners in Recovery promotes collective ownership and encourages innovative solutions to ensure effective and timely access to the services and supports required by people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs to sustain optimal health and wellbeing.

Partners in Recovery Referral Form

Lower Murray Partners in Recovery Brochure

If you would like additional information on Partners in Recovery in the Lower Murray region, contact:

122 Ninth Street, Mildura VIC 3500
T: 03 5023 5966
F: 03 5022 1065
E: pir@malleefamilycare.com.au